David TS. Wood is a highly respected, accomplished speaker, trainer, business leader, adventurer, humanitarian, and expert in the field of speaker and trainer development.

His reputation for being fearless, transparent, authentic, gritty, no-nonsense, hilariously funny, effective and life-changing has led him to train millions of students on five continents worldwide and be respected as the trainer’s trainer.

Despite facing adversity and hardship at a very young age, where Wood’s mother was abandoned by his father in a foreign country with three young children, this led the British government to step in and offered the four of them to live in a condemned building in the East End of London, which in the late 60’s was one of the toughest places to live in southern England.

One of the four rooms of the building was uninhabitable, so with only three beds donated by the church, Wood and his siblings took turns sharing a bed with their mother, and even though Wood was the youngest, he also had the strongest disposition and was the one asked to deal with the vermin feces that were a constant problem.

To survive in the East End of London in the late sixties took grit, resilience, and determination, which led Wood to start looking for ways to make money at a very young age, two paper routes, working at a newsagent on Saturdays, babysitting neighbours’ kids, plus breeding and selling rabbits and guinea pigs at school, began his entrepreneurial journey.

Wood did not care for school, and school did not care for him. After a fight with his history teacher Mr. Osler, where Osler told Wood that he was the worst student he had taught in 37 years of teaching and that Wood would end up on the street or in prison, this compounded with the many problems going on at home, triggered Wood to leave school and home, he was just 15 years of age.

Wood worked many different jobs in a single week, selling on a market stall twice a week, running pubs on the weekend, cleaning windows, and sweeping chimneys during the week, which after a couple of years, led him to start a painting and decorating company…

Wood had already begun to feel dissatisfied with his life, and after attending a mediation course run by an Indian guru, he began writing poetry. The poetry talked about ‘there must be something more’ and highlighted that Wood had slipped into an endless daze of work, unmotivated friends, excessive booze, and daily drugs

A curious series of events led Wood to leave England with 12 mates from his local pub for an all-inclusive ‘drinking’ holiday in Tunisia, North Africa. When his mates boarded the plane to come home six days later, Wood had already decided to attempt to travel until his money ran out, he only had 500 British Pounds left, which was about $1000 US.

Wood describes this as one of the most terrifying moments of his life. As that plane took off, he was suddenly completely alone in an Arab country, with very little money and no idea about travel, the world, culture, what he would do or where he would go next, he stood frozen for what felt like an eternity.

His backpacking journey lasted 10.5 years, living, traveling, and working in 42 countries. This meant that Wood had to find ‘cash’ work in every country he visited. Some of his jobs included a scuba diving instructor, tour guide, cook, handyman, fisherman, spice salesman, negotiator, professional driver, sports organizer, waiter, security guard, commercial diver, and the main deckhand and crew aboard a 45-foot sailboat crossing the Atlantic.

A bad day hitchhiking and a coin flip led him to cross the border into Canada, where he slept on a roof the first night, which he did in most new countries that he visited, as he had a rule that he could not spend any money in a new country until he had work and somewhere to live. The next day he began working mornings cleaning rooms at a Motel in Victoria. The owner of the Motel let Wood stay on his sailboat in the marina. Wood got a job selling fish and chips in the afternoon, where he befriended a commercial fisherman and began working as a commercial diver on the West Coast of Canada. It’s there where he fell in love with the country, its nature, and its people.

Working illegally as a dishwasher and later a waiter, Wood found a way to get his Canadian citizenship and begin his new ‘stationary’ life, hanging up his backpack, he soon dove into business.

After building and selling multiple businesses in Canada from various sectors, including manufacturing, distribution, food and beverage, advertising and finally, network marketing, which led Wood to read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and experienced his first taste of personal growth and being in front of some small rooms as a trainer.

In the late 90’s, Wood was asked to MC a close friend’s wedding, which he readily accepted. Little did he know that everything he did in front of the room would go horribly wrong, and Wood would experience complete public humiliation and vowed never to speak in public again.

Several years passed, and Wood’s marriage was failing, his partner Pam asked if he would attend a five-day personal growth program as a last effort to save their marriage, this would be Wood’s second ever program, little did he know, however, that walking into that 5-day program, would change the course of his life forever.

Watching a master speaker and skilled trainer at work on stage was a light bulb moment, the trainer captivated, moved, and transformed the audience over five long full days. Wood kept reliving the wedding in his head, the isolation he had felt over the years since the wedding, plus the deep humiliation he had carried for years, made him want to challenge and break through his fear of speaking in public.

It is said that the two most important days of your life are the day you’re born and then the day you discover why. Wood had suddenly discovered WHY, and dedicated the next 12 months to volunteering at every event he could. He studied and modeled everything the trainer did and practiced every moment he could. One day that trainer became sick and could not deliver a 1600-person event in New York. Wood has now spent the past 25 years training, speaking and training and developing trainers and speakers. Wood is part of an executive leadership team where he was responsible for their global culture responsible for over 8 Billion in product sales.

Wood has shared the stage with many of the greats, including Eric Edmeades, Jack Canfield, John Gray, Lisa Nichols, Tony Robbins, Brendon Bouchard, Darren Hardy, John Maxwell, Tim Ferris, Nick Vujicic, Mike Dooley, and so many more. Wood is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council headed by his friend Jack Canfield, an invite only group where some of the world’s most successful speakers and trainers meet twice a year to connect, share, mastermind, grow and have fun.

Wood is as comfortable leading teams up to the nineteen-thousand-foot summit of Kilimanjaro as he is brainstorming with billionaires and high-level leaders about changing the world and has generously given his time and resources to raise millions of dollars for The Make a Wish Foundation and Child Help, where he served time as a global ambassador and advocate for children of abuse, and other atrocities.

Wood has written, and trained programs on five continents, including remote locations like Vanuatu in the South Pacific, Fiji, private islands in Belize or the high mountains of Queenstown, New Zealand, and one thing his students all agree regardless of their background, language, culture, or income level, is that Wood’s trainings are life-changing, and regardless of whether Wood is training in an arena with 15,000 students, or on a small private island with 30, Wood connects with every student in a deep, authentic and personal way.

Wood has been described as a once in a generation type of trainer, and as the creator and host of The Kickass Life podcast, which has been listened to in over 100 countries, and the creator of the Kickass Life philosophies and way of life, Wood’s mission is to reach, teach and inspire his students, to break through their fears, embrace change and design and live extraordinarily, Kickass Lives.

Wood would say, however, that his greatest accomplishment was being the father of his two sons, Calvin and Ben.

David TS Wood

Master Trainer + Keynote Speaker + Industry Leader + Expert in Speaker and Trainer Development

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